cnc cutting, routing and shaping

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West Yorkshire,
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Welcome to the DTBS-cnc website - specialists in cnc routing.

Hopefully, we can help you with your projects and ideas. We offer a cutting service that goes from one offs to hundreds. Most projects now a days are designed on a computer using a variety of CAD packages, these are ideal for cnc machines as usually you get just what your drawing shows. Although, if you are creating a new project and have little or no computer design and cutting experience, don't worry, we can help!

Any files or designs you supply will be kept secure and confidential.

dtbs 3_axes cnc machinePlease have a look around our website and see some of the projects and items we have helped with, maybe we can help you with yours!

This is a picture of our cnc router machine. It will cut up to 2440mm x 1220mm and has a gantry height of 190mm. We have a vast range of cutters in a variety of shapes.